5 Scrum Values to Make Team High Performing

How scrum values like Commitment, focus, openness, Respect and Courage helps team to deliver and become high performing

Agile is based on 12 principles and 4 manifesto items. The very popular framework of Agile, Scrum is based on 5 core values, i.e., Commitment, Focus, Openness, Respect and Courage. These values help in implementing empiricism at scrum events. These values encourage team members to practice agile and get benefit out of it. Let’s discuss here how these values can be practiced in day-to-day life of a scrum team.

Scrum Values

Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

So, let’s start with these core values first, what each value means to scrum team –


People with different skills come together, form a team, and support each other. This team is having some purpose, some goals to achieve. These goals are product goals, which team committed to achieve in multiple sprints. For each sprint team would have a sprint goal aligned with product goal.


Every sprint team’s focus is to work towards achieving sprint goal. Everyday team reviews progress towards sprint goal and if required make changes to plan or strategy to achieve the sprint goal. If there is some deviation team act accordingly to handle the deviation or changes. Scrum master protects the team from external interferences and Product owner with regular review keeps team’s focus intact towards sprint goal.


Team members share and review progress in daily scrum, keeping Product Owner informed about challenges and impediments they are facing. Transparency and openness shown by team in the work they do. Members captures everything on scrum board, and there is no dark work happens. By attending daily scrum, product owner get idea about how the team is planning to achieve the sprint goals. Also if team looking for some support.


Scrum team ideally have three roles, Developers, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. Everyone is equal in the team; everyone should respect each other’s work and support each other. They should feel valued and should be encouraged to express their views without any fear. Also, management and stake holders also respect team’s work and appreciate team as and when team achieves critical milestones.


Team should have courage to do and speak the right things at right platforms. They should be thinking towards team’s goals and interest. Scrum Master and Product Owner need to provide environment of psychological safety where team feels respected and safe and have the courage to make right choices.

So these 5 scrum values guide team to better collaborate, have discipline and work towards achieving sprint and Product goals. There may be deviation happening due to various impediments and challenges coming team’s way but these values keep team focused and determined towards their goals.

Hope this article helps you in your Agile journey. Thank you.