Agile Community of Practices – How to form and run Successfully

Purpose of Agile CoP

1. Addressing Teams concerns

2. Knowledge sharing

3. Having common understanding of Agile and Scrum implementation across Organization

4. Develop a sense of community, creating an environment to learn and grow together

1. Target Audience

          1.1. Target Roles

                 1.Product Owners/Product Managers

2.Scrum Leads/Scrum Masters

3.Enginerring Managers/Program Manager/Project Managers



          1.2 Role Based Activities

                 1. Can use feedback surveys to understand the roles (SM/PO/PM/Developers/Others)

2. Can plan next CoP presentations based on the audience roles

3. In future, can have role and/or geography-based sub chapters


         CoP Session – Monthly (Prepared lectures/presentations, Q& A on topic)

            Agile Clinics – Monthly (Lean Coffee Format, Open forum, More interactive, pulling topics for discussion from audience)


1.Email Communications

2.Teams – Agile CoP Channel


1.Feedback Surveys (to be sent after each session)

2.Monthly/Bi-weekly Agile Quizzes (Can use CA or MS Forms)


4. Inviting SM/POs/Agile Leads to present their success stories

5. Panel Discussions

6. Interviewing SM/PO/Agile Leads to share their journey 

7. Role Plays

Extend Invite to —

1. People completing various certifications

2. Agile Leads

3. Currently playing role of SM/PO/Product Managers/Engineering Program Managers/Project Managers

4. Team where coaches are currently coaching


1. Blogs

2. Trainings/ Brown Bags

3. Agile Playbook

4. SharePoint site

5. Metrics Templates