Product Backlog Prioritizations Techniques

What is Product backlog?

Product backlog is list of items which teams would be working based on priority, business needs and available capacity.

Why it should be prioritized?

Product Managers/POs would be getting lot of work from stake holders/customer. Some time customer knows what they are looking for when they would need it. There are various factors like market commitment, business values and finally available capacity from teams. So, need to identify what is critical, what should be delivered first and what order. Sometimes it is more about the MVP (minimal Viable Product) which customer are looking for. So here prioritization and planning of work would be driven by MVP.  Hence prioritization is required to get this understanding for planning and order of work.

Product Backlog

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Prioritization Techniques

1. MoSCoW

2. Ranking

3. Business Value

4. Effort Business Value Ratio